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Work Is The Blessing


I called the wood guy last Thursday evening and badabing badaboom early Saturday morn a cord of firewood was delivered and lay in my driveway.  Instead of doing lots of enjoyable undertakings on that hot sunny summer Saturday I stacked wood, because in my heart I know winter is coming and the cold winds and snow will keep us indoors housebound and the warmth that wood will provide makes it all worthwhile.

I find most things in life like that.  A garden can be dirty, messy arduous work.  Tending, watering, weeding; back aches, bug bites, bee stings.  Then suddenly the fruit of our labor appears, a tomato, pepper, zucchini some beans.  We pick our handiwork and lovingly wash and prepare it for ourselves and families.  It is the ultimate of freshness and wholesomeness.   The garden process nourishes our souls as well as our bodies.  A beautiful balance of labor and tranquility, sweat and solitude.  The food that garden provides makes it all worthwhile.  Work is the blessing.

A baby brings much joy and takes much effort and energy.  The days we are physically and emotionally drained we second guess our choice of raising a child.   Our minds run wild with thoughts of what we could accomplish instead of the rigorous routine of daily life.  Change, feed, rock, repeat.  The affection that baby provides makes it all worthwhile.  Work is the blessing.

I began to stack the wood and right alongside me my baby who is now a beautiful young lady just two weeks short of 23.  Our feet shod with timbs, our hands protected with heavy gloves we began to stack the wood, and sweat, a lot.   Muscle strain, sunburn, splinters, we stacked.  The security family provides makes it all worthwhile.  Work is the blessing.

Your garden remembers every tender touch, every drop of water given and in due time yields to you its bountiful harvest.  Your baby remembers too; every tender touch, every lullaby, every sacrifice.  She who once consumed all your time and energy now stands beside you, your best friend ready to tackle the most unforgiving of projects.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Love, live, forgive.  Work is the blessing and Love makes it all worthwhile - even the dirty, messy bug filled piles of firewood.

Warm regards,




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