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Wreaths the Beginning.....


I always dreamed of living in a “Leave it to Beaver” type colonial house.  Just like June Cleaver with my pearl necklace I would stand on my front porch and wave good-bye to my family as they left in the morning! 

That dream came true the fall of 2005 as we moved into our lovely colonial home in a beautifully tree lined neighborhood.  It was a fantastic blessing and we were all so thrilled.  As fall weather faded and Christmas approached ideas of beautiful Christmas wreaths danced in my head.  Our new home was going to be dressed in splendor for the Holidays!

My vision was gold shimmery bows with deep garnet poinsettias on evergreen wreaths.  With five sets of windows and the front entrance door that was six wreaths total.

I bought five 14” artificial evergreen wreaths for the windows and a large 25” wreath and a 20’ evergreen swag for the door.  I found glittery sugared fruits – apples and pears (artificial), gold ribbon and the perfect colored poinsettias for the wreaths and swag.

One wreath at a time, I would layout the decorations, glue them to the wreath and then tie and add a handmade bow to each wreath.

Christmas 2005 the house was decked with a striking wreath on each window surrounded by the radiance of candlelight and the front entrance shimmered with white lights, glittery fruit and gold bows around the evergreen swag and wreath on the door.  June herself would have been proud!

It took time and effort to hand craft each wreath, but when you so enjoy what you do it truly is a labor of love.  The same is true today.  I create each wreath with much care and love.  I hope the wreath you purchase brings you as much joy in displaying it as I had in creating it!

With warm regards,




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